Hi. I'm Michael Archer

It is my pleasrure to meet you.

Welcome to our website, where we showcase some of the productions that have been used for companies all over the world. We like to offer a little difference in the market where time is off the essence, that long productions are not always favourable, sometimes the last thing people think about is marketing. there needs to be a killer attention grabbing bit of media to give your product your company a winning edge. Contact us now for more details and discuss your needs.

Trends for video content and streaming video content is growing at such a rapid rate, figures of 80% of internet traffic just for video , are easily read online.

Refreshvideo knows well. It's been a rapid growth market that people with products, or a company without some video content will look dated.

Every Apple launch has multiple videos, and almost at perfect 10minutes intervals. And most start with some kind of eye opening appealing visual.
So videos are what we can provide. We can't promise the next blockbuster movie, this is a different level.

But if you have a new product, you need an explainer video, or something to give it a marketing edge, to post to your youtube channel. Then we are here to help you.

As best will in the world, more materials elements provide the quicker the final product can be made in. And also for best price of course.
Best thing to do is drop us an email with what you are looking for..

This website has some videos produced which maybe almost what you are looking for. From this we can taylor them to suit your needs, this will be of course the cheapest way.

In case of 3d video content for products, the better the materials provided the quicker a video can be produced. 3d modelling files, naturally are best, or 2d CAD drawing also can be use for accurate looking content. The later taking considerably longer.